ATS Trading Limited is a subsidiary of Atlas Technical Services in UK. As for the UK headquarter, it is established in 2001 and professional in the supply of excavators and relevant spare parts. Our subsidiary is specialized in the supply of auto spare parts of various famous brands, such as Cummins, Bosch, Dongfeng, Deutz and Yuchai and so on. It is located in Wuhan, the hometown of CUMMINS and Dongfeng factory. We are devoted to sustaining the trust and friendship with you, based on which our company has survived and keeps flourishing, and with our integrity and professionalism, we are committed to developing with you further !

The CUMMINS products we supply are: DCEC ( Dongfeng Cummins ), CCEC ( Chongqin cummins ) and Foton Cummins. The following products are what we supply:

6BT5.9-C160 6BTA5.9-C180 6BTAA5.9-C170 6BTAA5.9-C190


C8.3-230 C8.3-240 C8.3-245 C8.3-260 C8.3-300

ISB6.7-170 ISB6.7-190 ISB6.7-210

ISC8.3-230 ISC8.3-245 ISC8.3-270 ISC8.3-292


L8.9-290 L8.9-300 L8.9-315 L8.9-340 L8.9-375

ISL8.9-290 ISL8.9-315 ISL8.9-340 ISL8.9-375

ISL9.5-292 ISL9.5-315 ISL9.5-325 ISL9.5-340 ISL9.5-350

ISL9.5-360 ISL9.5-375 ISL9.5-380 SL9.5-385 ISL9.5-400


ISZ13-450 ISZ13-480 ISZ13-520

QSB4.5 QSB6.7 QSC8.3 QSL8.9 QSZ13

For any question, please feel free to contact us without hesitation.